Dijkpaviljoen de Westkaap

Dijkpaviljoen de Westkaap in Westkapelle, Walcheren, Netherlands | A la Carte Restaurants

On the point of the most beautiful island of Walcheren, on the impressing Westkapelle sea dike lies Dijkpaviljoen de Westkaap,"the West cape", with the North sea only some meters distance. But to enjoy the offerings of "sea" and "country" perhaps with oysters, mussels, crayfish and tongue, a not to be adverse to a cup of coffee with a shooter or choose a glass of Chablis!

Watch a violent storm, passing sea ships, or a superb sun to endless horizon, it will fascinate each day anew.

"Relax man..." , much-heard at the Dijkpaviljoen de Westkaap. But where better than here does this apply. Enjoying a good glass of wine and delicacies from the kitchen. Slowly the the stress seeps from your life. The restful functioning of the sea is frappant. ... and if after the meal to you slide into a day dream then only will you know what we mean with "CULINARY SEASIDE RENDEZ-VOUS." See you at Dijkpaviljoen de Westkaap.

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