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Welcome to Curves, Fitness, Sidney, Canada. At Curves Sidney we provide members a fun, convenient, comfortable and motivating environment. The Curves Fitness workout takes just 30 minutes and includes all five components of a complete exercise program (warm-up, cardiovascular, strength-training, cool down and stretching). There are no gimmicks or "something for nothing" claims. It's the toughest 30 minutes in your day, but it works.
The Five Components of the Curves Workout.  The innovative design of the Curves Workout allows members to incorporate all of the critical components of an exercise program in just 30 minutes! All components of the Curves Workout combine to create a safe and effective exercise that will give you positive results! The 5 components of the Curves Workout are: * Warm-up * Cardiovascular Training
* Strength Training * Cool down * Stretching
The warm-up is done the first three to five minutes of your workout. Each time you begin your workout, you should move the machines more slowly to gradually elevate the heart rate. Your body temperature will increase and blood flow will begin to move toward the extremities to prepare the body for exercise.

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British Columbia
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