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Corcovado National Park Tour, offered by the Costa Rica based Aguila de Osa Inn on Drake Bay, is situated just 20-30 minutes by boat from the hotel. Corcovado National Park is world renown for its rich diversity and spectacular scenery.

Your Corcovado tour begins with a visit to the San Pedrillo Ranger Station, which is the Park's northern most ranger station in the Puntarenas region. From here your guide will lead you up into the dense jungle comprised of primary and secondary forest, during which time you'll be introduced to some of the more interesting aspects of your Corcovado National Park Tour's natural surroundings.

The trails themselves are clearly marked and easy to navigate, ascending and descending through the verdant rainforest. One particular trail leads to a large waterfall, ideal for photos and/or bathing.

For those interested, we also offer Tours to Corcovado's Sirena Ranger Station in the Puntarenas region. This ranger station is also located along the Pacific coast, but further south in the middle of the Park. The boat ride to Sirena from the hotel takes approximately one hour, well worth it for anybody who wants to see the Park's interior. There are several trails that surround the ranger station, some of which offers visitors to the Park with the best opportunities to observe wildlife.

While not always visible, common sightings at either of the ranger stations include scarlet macaws, monkeys, pecaries, iguanas, sloths, lizards, and a wide variety of plants, amphibians and insects.

We recommend that you bring sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, bug repellent, binoculars, bathing suit and most importantly hiking shoes. While hiking along the trails you'll find yourself crossing streams/rivers, in addition to traversing across slippery, sloping terrain. Sandals are not recommended for the hiking portion of the tour.

This tour includes lunch and softdrinks, which are served at the end of the hikes. Shortly thereafter you'll board the boat and return to Aguila de Osa Inn, on Drake Bay island.

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