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Gila Kas'la - Welcome to Cluxewe Resort in Port McNeill, British Columbia, Canada, for a vacation of a lifetime.
Cluxewe Resort is a natural wonder, in the land of the Kwakiutl people, who own and manage the Resort. "Cluxewe" has two different, but related, meanings, "place of the changing river mouth" and "place of refuge."
"Change" and "Refuge", you can find both in this spectacular and peaceful setting of Cluxewe Resort, where the Cluxewe River meets the sea at Broughton Strait, along British Columbia's famous Inside Passage.
Whether you need a change from your day-to-day experience, or a natural refuge from the strains of urban life - come to this magical place. Share in the hospitality of the Kwakiutl. Make this natural wonder your special place to pause, to fish, to watch birds and other wildlife, to enjoy friends and family, and to relax.
From its accessible, central location in Port McNeill, British Columbia, you can also explore other wild wonders of Northern Vancouver Island.
Live as close as possible, as comfortably as possible, to the ever-fascinating ocean. Listen to waves splash on the shoreline. Awaken to the haunting sound of loons or the rusty-gate screech of a bald eagle. Enjoy fabulous summer sunsets over Broughton Strait. (In early summer you can enjoy both sunsets and sunrises from your deck.)
Each of our twelve cozy cottages, including our 3-unit "three-plex," comes with cooking and dining utensils, stove, refrigerator, microwave oven, bathroom with shower (many have a tub as well), and propane barbecue. Cottages 1-7 and 11-12 also feature TV/VCR's with satellite television.
Cook your own catch, dine in one of the fine restaurants in Port McNeill or Port Hardy, British Columbia. Or, during the summer, enjoy a meal or snack at the Cluxewe Cafe, just a stroll away.

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99 Tsakis Way
Port McNeill
British Columbia
(250) 949-0378
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A Natural Wonder
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Cozy Cottages
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Satellite Television.

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