Cinco Zone

Cinco Zone in Durres, Durres County, Albania | Beach Bar

Cinco Zone is your party zone and Beach Bar in Durres, Albania where you can visit elite beaches without having to travel, and with deluxe furnishings, party booths, water sports, live shows and everything else, the fun never ends. Come spend the hottest days of summer in this special oasis with friends and family, where the finest combination of entertainment, adrenaline and luxury are hot and happening. Cinco Zone has it all, there's a fabulous Beach Bar, a fish restaurant, a beach lounge and snack bar, water sports include jet skis, boats, board sports, flyboards and more, come for an unbelievably good time, you won't want to leave.

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Durres, Durres County
+355 69 555 5555
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Beach Bar
Deluxe Furnishing
Live Shows
Fish Restaurant
Beach Lounge
Snack Bar
Water Sports

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