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Ciao Pasta Bar in Windsor, Ontario is not your average eatery, here they dish up real Italian food that is delicious, fast and affordable, and unique ordering includes you picking the amount, the pasta, the sauce, the protein, the vegetable and the cheese. Be the master of your own meal with over 100 options to choose from, all they do is cook your choices for you, and clean up the mess, the menu guides you on what your feel like eating. Great for romantic dinners and family outings, when visiting, you need to remember this is your pasta bar, not theirs, and they have gluten free and healthier whole wheat pastas available. Ciao Pasta Bar have a huge HD screen for sporting events, business meetings and theme parties, and are available to host anniversaries, holidays, weddings, office presentations, parties and other special occasions. Come for a fabulous meal of choice selected by you in comfortable and elegant surrounds, you'll never forget it.

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839 Erie Street E,
+1 519-962-2426
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