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Welcome to Chalet Estate Vineyards, Sidney, Canada. Eagles at the Vineyards.  We have binoculars on the Wine Patio so you can see the progress of the nesting eagles. There are two eaglets in the nest and sightings of them are frequent throughout the day.
The Chalet Estate Winery, Sidney is pleased to announce that they have placed a Call to Artists for submissions of original artwork to be used on a new label for an upcoming release. The Winery is looking for images that would express the beauty of the Deep Cove area and feel of the vineyard. The chosen work would be used as a graphic on the label, the artists name would be credited and they could expect to see their work on several thousand bottles of wine! In return for giving the Chalet Winery sole rights for reproduction, the winning artist would be given the use of the Gallery Room for a 2 day solo exhibit. A special "Unveiling/Release" celebration will take place, with the original work on display for the celebration. The Artist would retain ownership of the artwork, but give Chalet Estate Winery sole rights for reproduction of any kind.
Hidden in Deep Cove on South Vancouver Island is the Chalet Winery, a small self sustaining, family winery founded by Michael Betts and Linda Plimley. This boutique winery has been producing fine limited edition wines since 2001. Fine Wine begins in the vineyard. We strictly adhere to organic practices using natural ingredients to fertilize the vines and control weeds. Extensive Canopy management, hand cropping and picking ensures that only the finest fruit is used in the production of our Award Winning Wines and no sulphites are added to any of our wines. Owners Jane & Peter Ellmann are continuing that tradition, with Michael Betts as consulting enologist.

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11195 Chalet Road, Sindey, N. Saanich, BC
British Columbia
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