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Castle Moffett Spa facilities in Baddeck, Victoria County, Canada | Spa | Wellness | Massage | Sauna | Fitness Centre

Castle Moffett Spa facilities is located just beyond the Dungeon Lounge and Wine Cellar at the Castle in Baddeck, Nova Scotia in Canada.

Castle Moffett Spa facilities, complete with a Sauna, Massage Room, Exercise Room and shower facilities.

If you haven't already received enough exercise from walking or hiking during your stay in Baddeck, Nova Scotia, please take advantage of our exercise room. Use the treadmill, stationary bicycle, small weights, or other fitness gym equipment. Then, take a warm Sauna to relax.

We offer on a pre-booked basis a Swedish Massage and three types of relaxing Massages:

* Interactive Reflexology Massage which is a light body Massage with emphasis on your feet
* Therapeutic Touch Massage with emphasis on your neck and shoulder areas with full body energies
* Raeke Massage which is a non-physical approach to relaxation with full body energies

Our water is all natural and is a gift from Mother Nature. Whether you are having a glass of it, or relaxing in your whirlpool tub, enjoy our pure mountain spring water. See how crystal clear our water is and feel the difference chemical-free water makes on your hair and skin.

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11980 Highway #105
Nova Scotia
902 756-9070
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