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The Canopy Adventurous Tour, for those with an adventurous spirit, offered by the Aguila de Osa Inn on Drake Bay in the Puntarenas region of Costa Rica, comprised of thirteen elevated platforms, connected in a series by long, thick cables.

You?ll traverse across the forest canopy using a safety harness and roller system. The height of each platform varies, rising from more than 30 meters (98 ft.). As well, the distance between each platform varies, since the cables have a range of 190 meters (623 ft.) up to 400 meters (1,312 ft.) of length! This Canopy Tour one of the longest in Costa Rica.

The Canopy Adventurous Tour begins on an exciting road trip of about 15 minutes from Drake's Bay beach down to a little town called Los Planes, in the Puntarenas region. Once there, you?ll be outfitted with the necessary gear, i.e. helmet, harness, gloves, etc. Also, there are bathrooms and a storage area for your personal belongings. Before and after the tour you will be offered water, coffee and fresh fruits.

Upon arriving at the base of the first platform you will be formally introduced into the equipment, or at least that portion that is required in order to climb up to the first platform. It?s a very simple, short and safe climb, as you?ll be connected to a rope that hangs adjacent to the metal staircase that you will be climbing. Once atop the first platform your guide will cover in greater detail the harness and cable system, as well as safety issues to ensure a fun, safe tour.

At that point you?re ready to take your first traverse. Travelling from one platform to another happens rather quickly and you can watch the forest canopy from the platforms or from the cable!

The length of the tour depends to a great extent on the number of people participating. The more people the longer the tour. To ensure the highest level of safety and enjoyment, Canopy Tour sets limits on the number of people who can participate on any one tour. The Canopy Adventurous Tour from Drake Bay island is offered throughout the day, at no specific time. So come and join us for a fantastic trip soaring through the canopy of the rainforest!

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