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Welcome to the Campbell River Shoreline Arts Society, Campbell River, Canada. This annual event, held by the Shoreline Arts Society brings novice, amateur and professional wood carvers to the Pacific shoreline of Campbell River for five days during the last week in June to transform discarded log tailings into works of art.

About 30 carvers shape their logs using chainsaws, mauls, knives, chisels and various custom tools until a new creation is released from the heart of the wood. The finished sculptures are later displayed in various parks and sponsors' premises for everyone to enjoy year round.

On July 1 (Canada Day), 1996, well-known local artist Max Chickite stood working on an old stump that had been on the beach for many years. After 10 hours, a remarkable octopus appeared from the wood and "Octy" was born. Octy was a gift to the city from Max. A few days later, vandals cut off the Octopus' head and stole it, but it was found 11 days later on a logging road. Max repaired the charred, damaged head and returned it to Octy's body. The vandalism caused furor and is the reason the Driftwood-Carving Competition was started. We felt that since a city could be so upset about the damage to 1 carving, it would surely appreciate a city filled with carvings.

"Transformations on the Shore" began in 1997 and has been seen by thousands and thousands. Visitors and local residents love to watch the carvers at work and enjoy the carvings that are left along the Sea Walk and throughout the City of Campbell River. The Octopus has had other adventures as well, but he is still standing proudly (although much smaller) in his spot looking across Discovery Passage (on the 50th Parallel).

The Campbell River Shoreline Arts Society works long, hard hours to bring this exciting event into being. We appreciate the support of the whole community to keep it going and just celebrated our 10th Anniversary.

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