Campbell River Grizzly Bear Tours

Campbell River Grizzly Bear Tours in Campbell River, Vancouver Island, Canada | Bear Viewing | Wildlife watching

Campbell River Grizzly Bear Tours offers you the adventure of a lifetime, viewing grizzlies in their natural habitat. Your journey starts by traveling up the Orford River in a high speed, covered, comfortable and modern vessel, and enjoy viewing the awesome grizzlies of British Columbia. This incredible tour of a lifetime is organised by Campbell River Whale Watching and Adventure Tours, and if you don't see grizzlies on your tour, they will take you out again at no charge. The trip lasts the whole day taking you up the Orford River to Bute Inlet where the salmon are spawning in abundance, and the grizzlies come down to feast, and your experienced guide guarantees a magical journey, so don't forget your camera, plus packages are available.

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