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Welcome to Cairns Helicopter School, Cairns, Australia. Cairns Helicopter School has been operating for 20 years. Originally based in Mareeba the School moved to Cairns when Australian Helicopters Pty Ltd took over ownership in 1999.  Cairns Helicopter School operates from the General Aviation Section at the Cairns International Airport in Queensland, Australia.

Our facilities are complete with a hangar, offices, classroom, car park,tea/coffee facilities, toilets and shower. A kiosk is located 100m away for any meals.  Cairns Helicopter School can also assist you in finding accommodation in the area. Our training areas vary dependent on what the lesson is to entail. One day you can be training over lush rainforest and the next, rural outback. Some of our training is conducted in controlled airspace, which allows plenty of benefits to the students, ie. building your confidence on the radio and learning to function in an ICAO environment.  

We also utilise two other training fields, one being approximately 10kms south of Cairns. The Southern Training area is used for forced landings, general handling, basic autorotations, emergency procedures and steep approaches. This particular area is an open training area, which allows for a more relaxed approach than it would be in a controlled airspace.

The second training area is located 15 minutes west of Cairns at Mareeba. Here we conduct autorotations and general procedures. The surrounds are very different to that of the Southern Training Area.

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Office 2, 97 Tom McDonald Drive, General Aviation, Cairns Airport QLD
+61 7 4034 9000
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