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Brookdale Health Hydro in Nottingham Road, Midlands, South Africa | Retreat | Spa Resort

Brookdale Health Hydro is your wellness destination in Nottingham Road, Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands, South Africa, a place where the soothing elements of nature restores the mind, body and soul, where calming fragrances and soft music greet you, where the journey of total relaxation begins. This complete health Retreat offers yoga getaways, mother and daughter escapes, gut rehab weeks, art therapy getaways, self care getaways, finance getaways and more, and there are many holisitic health packages available, choose the one that suits you. Brookdale Health Hydro promotes wellness and lifestyle management through diet, exercise and stress relief, their packages are designed to bring balance back into your life, so take charge and invest in your wellbeing, this hydro and day spa will change your life for good.

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R103, Old Main Road,
Nottingham Road
South Africa
+27 (033) 266 6208/507
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