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Welcome to the British Columbia Aviation Museum, Sidney, Canada! The British Columbia Aviation Museum Society is dedicated to preserving aircraft and aviation artefacts. We collect, restore and display aircraft and artefacts related to the history of aviation in Canada, with emphasis on British Columbia.
Museum activities include aircraft restorations to static or airworthy status, constructing engine displays, modeling aircraft, maintaining artefacts, books, pictures and videos representative of flight, and creating memorials to aviation and the people who made it happen. We have plans to expand the Museum by adding more space, and naturally adding more displays.
We invite you to visit and view our gift shop, Memorial Room, and aircraft and artifact collection in Sidney. Browse the Museum on your own, or have one of our tour guides show you around.
Not much is left of the old camps. On the site of the old East camp can be found the British Columbia Aviation Museum. In the Memorial Room of the British Columbia Aviation Museum you will find photographs, models and artefacts that chronicle the military past of the Pat Bay Airport. There is a model of the control tower and a typical W.W.II hanger surrounded by models of each of the aircraft types that were here. In our hanger, there are examples of actual aircraft that were stationed here during the war, such as the Bristol Bolingbroke, Avro Anson (under reconstruction) Norseman, and Cessna Crane.
Across the road from the Museum is Mary's, originally Mary's Coffee Bar and a wartime hangout. It's still there and decorated appropriately with wartime memorabilia and aircraft models.

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