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Boeing Winnipeg is the largest aerospace composite manufacturer in Canada. They design, develop and fabricate complex composite structures and sub-assemblies. Boeing Winnipeg specialise in wing to body fairings, engine strut fairings, thrust reverser blocker doors as well as additional complex composites including Nacelle Chines and Ducts.

Boeing Winnipeg,is proud to be a Tier I partner to the 787 Dreamliner program. They're responsible for the wing to body fairing, main landing gear doors and the vertical fin fairing for the life cycle of the program. Boeing Winnipeg will also supply engine strut forward and Aft pylons for the 787 as a Tier II Partner.

Only Boeing offers airplane models to serve every passenger market from 100 seats to well over 500 seats, as well as the most complete line of cargo freighters.

Boeing Winnipeg, provides a broad range of Services to support its aircraft - from the time the airplane is delivered to the customer until the airplane goes out of service. These Services help the customers improve fleet utilisation, reduce costs, manage information, upgrade or reconfigure their airplanes, and ensure passenger well-being. Many of them are provided by the Boeing Commercial Aviation Services organisation.

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