Bishibishi Garden Village

Bishibishi Garden Village in Dahab, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt | Hostel or Backpacker

Welcome to Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt and Bishbishi Garden Village, Backpackers paradise.

Bishbishi's restaurant is located in the centre of the camp and offer delicious breakfasts, creamy and thick milkshakes, savory pizzas and sandwiches and a satisfying hot lunch and dinner dishes.

The Bishibishi Garden Village also own the Funny Mummy Restaurant located at the waterfront. Funny Mummy is considered one of the best restaurants in Dahab and is known for it's great atmosphere and yummy food! The common lounge at Bishibishi Garden Village Backpackers is a great place to hang out, meet people, have a sheesha, write postcards, play backgammon, read a book, drink tea, or just relax.

Bishbishi's travel desk will gladly provide you with the following services: Booking and confirmation of flight tickets, Booking a train, bus or ferry tickets, money exchange and Airport taxi/mini-bus transfers.

The Bishibishi Garden Village organise daily and overnight trips to your favorite South Sinai destination. In addition, Bishibishi have a variety of local activities, such as snorkeling, quad-biking, and camel rides available.

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