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Welcome to Big Rock Brewery in Calgary, Western Canada, Canada. Our beer is brewed under the Reinheitsgebot, a fancy name for the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, in turn a fancy name for using only four ingredients, malted barley, hops, yeast, and water. No preservatives. Which means all-natural flavour. It also means that the stuff in bottles and cans is exactly the same as what you get on tap. Neat, huh? Come on in to Big Rock Brewery and see one of the most modern breweries in North America.
Proudly Alberta-born (like his beers), Big Rock Breweries founder Ed McNally went from studying and practicing law to becoming a successful barley farmer. He then combined this intimate barley knowledge with business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit to form Big Rock Brewery, filling a niche for an uncompromising Brewery in Calgary, Alberta, Western Canada.
The company's success is a result of the many people who devoted their passion and energy to creating a premium, 100% natural, unpasteurized beer.
Big Rock Brewery has never lost track of its first objective, to brew the best beer.
In 1993 Big Rock Brewery became a publicly traded Company. Construction of our state-of-the-art Brewery was completed in July 1996. Production capacity increased from 150,000 Hectolitres to 450,000 Hectolitres. Big Rock's success and continued growth is the result of the production of world class natural beers, hardwork, sensitivity to the environment, innovative marketing, superior service, and outstanding employees that are devoted to Big Rock Brewery and determined to make it an amazing success story.

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5555-76th Avenue S.E.
Western Canada
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No Preservatives
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