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Aquarium La Rochelle in La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, France | Aquarium

Aquarium La Rochelle - La Rochelle's impressive Aquarium covers two floors and all the oceans of the world, offering visitors the chance to survey the diversity and beauty of life beneath the water.
The visit begins with a tunnel of jellyfish, whose strange dance through water behind glass is infinitely preferable to an encounter when in the water yourself! This leads through to the Atlantic room, then to the Mediterranean Aquarium, where precious and fragile corals normally found deep in sea caves are on display.
Pass beneath a powerful wave (which doesn't get you wet) and ascend to the first floor. Here, a tropical atmosphere resembling the mangroves of Florida greets you, shoals of piranhas glide through the water and orchids and jasmine add fragrance to the visual spectacle. Steel yourself for the next room, in which 1.5 million cubic litres of water contain species of shark.
Following this are the Caribbean Sea and Indo-Pacific Aquariums, and finally an interactive display area where you can learn more about the threats facing the oceanic biospheres and what can be done about conteracting them. All this and more at the Aquarium La Rochelle.

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