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Welcome to Aalborg Kloster, Aalborg, Denmark. Aalborg Kloster is Denmark's oldest social institution, founded as the House of the Holy Ghost in 1431 by maren Hemmings and granted the status of Monastery in 1451. Since the Reformation, the Aalborg Kloster building has served as a hospiital and housed the city's grammar school for nearly 300 years. Denmark's first resistance group, the Churchill Club, was based in the Monastery during the Second World War.

The Monastery is one of the biggest and most well preserved in Denmark. Only the original church does not exist any longer.

The Holy Ghost order originates from the south of France where Gui of Montpellier around 1180 founded a brotherhood. In 1204 the pope called him to Rome to be the leader of the San Spirito Monastery in Sassia and Grand Master for all the monasteries in the order. The Prior in Aalborg was for many years the Grand Master's substitute in the North which stresses the great significance of Aalborg Monastery. The Monastery was a double Monastery divided into a brother and sister section. Its object was to take care of sick and old people, something that it has continued to do ever since it was founded.

Today, the Monastery has 25 residences for elderly people.

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