Women-Only Beaches

Wed, Nov 11th 2009, 12:26

Women only beaches have become a popular alternative for many women, particularly in the Middle East where the strict sharia laws govern what women must wear to swim with men around.

Women only beaches started as a trend in Egypt when Al-Yashmak beach resort opened in July 2004. Al-Yashmak is located 250 kilometres north of Cairo on the Mediterranean coast. The beach resort proved an instant success with women who enjoy the freedom of being able to remove their veils and covering and enjoy a day on the beach.

Al-Yashmak employs all female staff - lifeguards, bouncers and ushers. The resort is fenced off and bouncers ensure that no men can sneak in or ogle the ladies. The ladies can strip off to swim suites, lounge on loungers, sip iced tea and even enjoy belly dancing while a DJ plays the latest in Arabic rock.

La Femme beach followed hot in the footsteps of Al-Yashmak. La Femme is another women-only alternative. The trend of women-only facilities is growing in popularity in the Middle East where most women have opted to follow the strict Muslim guidelines in daily life. Women-only facilities allow them the freedom to do things forbidden in mixed society.

Women-only beaches are not restricted to Muslim countries. There are a number of women-only beaches around the world where women find they can relax on the beach without having to worry about prying eyes and lecherous men taking photographs of scantily clad ladies and young girls without asking their permission. For many women it is refreshing to enjoy the freedom allowed by women-only beaches.

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