Pernambuco, Brazil

Wed, Nov 18th 2009, 12:07

Pernambuco is a state lying on the north eastern coastline of Brazil. Pernambuco is fast becoming a favourite Brazilian tourist destination because of its unique character and choice of beautiful beaches.

Pernambuco is one of the first areas of Brazil to be settled by the Portuguese. It has been a thriving port and centre for the sugarcane industry, so its cities have a beautiful olde worlde character. The state is also a fascinating melting pot of cultures, from the indigenous Indians, descendants of African slaves and the Portuguese and Dutch settlers, making it one of the most culturally diverse regions of Brazil.

Tourists are beginning to appreciate Pernambuco as a tourist destination. Lying close to the equator, it has year round warm tropical weather and a choice of beaches and beautiful coastline to visit. The cities are packed with cultural activities and impressive architecture. Carnival is popular in Brazil, and this is no different in Pernambuco. The streets come alive to the sounds of the carnival beat, and the unique musical styles which are unique to the area.

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