Finding Perception Beyond The Traditional Idea Of Sports

Tue, Nov 20th 2018, 11:23

Sport is not one dimensional; In fact, it could be multi-dimensional but you need to look at sport objectively and subjectively.

Sport is not one dimensional; In fact, it could be multi-dimensional but you need to look at sport objectively and subjectively.

The objectivity would mean getting the football result (?????) of the last match of your favorite team on the web wherein the subjectivity of the matter can go beyond the idea of losing and winning. For instance, sports can help in promoting human right, equality and social transformation.

Now that is not about what happened last night (?????????????) in the Euro cup; undoubtedly, that matters but as a fan, you should also understand the fact that too much competitive spirit can bring violence. A playground is a place of war where players’ fight for glory but then, they fight can have positive results.

Undoubtedly, competition can have positivity if you can understand the importance of spreading message rightly through the game. A sports event design to promote the aid for disabled people can be far better than an event that is played for the joy of winning.

Winning can sometimes be nasty for the competitiveness and aggression that it involves. After the game gets over, you are likely to see some broken hearts and some happy faces but why there should be two different dimensions when the whole thing can be channelized to bring emotional stability, equality and justice.

However, for that, you need to go beyond the old ideas of sports and start to perceive it differently. So, how could it happen in a world that has gone competitive?

Re-orientating perceptions:

People, sponsors, team owners, coaches and players, everyone should understand the fact that life is beyond the idea of winning and losing. Undoubtedly, there must be a defining moment.

However, the winning and losing should not be the end result of the game; in fact, the end result should have a higher purpose rather than who is better than whom. When you define the sport from winner’s standpoint, you actually stress on the technical aspect of the game but is it the only aspect?

What about emotionality, social issues and human values? These are the factors that must be included in the game. And that demands right actions that can be only taken by the people who actively participate in the sporting events.

Media houses that cater to sports lovers with news and events must take their stance in promoting sport beyond the confines of winning and losing.

Apparently, it should be a collective act and that needs awareness and understanding. However, things are not as easy as it might sound because the human mind is complex and it is not willing to accept new ideas instantly. Since the mind finds security in old perceptions, it gets glued to it and however you try it would not change its stance unless some radical revolution forces it to do so.

The change should begin from you. Do not get worried about who has gone through a surgery (??????????????) and who will replace the injured player make sure that you promote human values through sport at competitive spirit.

Written By Kristen Corbett

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