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  • Argola Charter

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    At Argola Charter in Trogir, Croatia, our boat charters will help you create memories of fun and exciting experiences on board any of our rental motorboats that include yachts, speedboats and day cruises. With our many years of experience in tourism and the services of our young and enthusiastic staff, we can offer fascinating boat charters for big game fishing, island tours, team building excursions, skipper training, boat transfers and many other convenient services. Argola Charter not only offers amazing boat charters, we can also arrange a fantastic choice of holiday rentals that will make your dream vacation become a reality.

  • Kairos Travel

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    Kairos Travel in Trogir, Croatia, was established in 2009 and over the years has built up a stellar reputation as a tour operator company that is experienced in organizing day tours, sailing tours, boat excursions, coach tours, adrenaline tours that include rafting and canyoning, and many more fun and exciting outdoor activities. Our tour operator company can also arrange suitable accommodation on your behalf, allowing you more time to enjoy the many enjoyable outdoor activities. At Kairos Travel we offer adventure excursions, day trips and many other interesting activities that will provide you with an unforgettable vacation that will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Hotel Palace

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    Hotel Palace in Trogir, Croatia, established in 2008, is a beautiful, family run hotel meters from the town center, and offers comfortable accommodation for business and leisure travelers in any one of their 36 luxurious guest rooms, suites and apartments. We also offer romantic honeymoon accommodation where newly weds can enjoy romantic dinners on a private terrace. Amenities at our hotel include a spa where guests can enjoy a relaxing massage, fitness center, dedicated conference room with a lounge area for meetings and events. At Restaurant Antonio located in Hotel Palace guests can enjoy scrumptious meals served with a fine Croatian wine, creating a fitting end to a perfect day.

  • Jewelry Misel

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    Jewelry Misel in Trogir, Croatia, is a traditional family jewellery business that specialized in creating unique jewellery of gold and silver featuring pearls, gemstones and amazing and precious Adriatic red coral. We use only natural materials when creating our artistic jewellery, and source precious stones from all over the world. Coral used in our jewellery is sourced from experienced divers who adhere to controlled harvesting. At Jewelry Misel we use a simple technique to process the red coral, and includes cutting and polishing the coral before combining this delicate material with precious gems and metals to create the spectacular jewelry on display in our store.

  • Trogir Sailing

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    Trogir Sailing in Trogir, Croatia, offers fun and exciting sailing tours to many spectacular islands, with sailing trips ranging from half day to daily sailing tours that allows you to spend time swimming in the beautiful bays before heading off for enjoyable walks in the area. Should you not want any of our boat charters, we have an experienced team who will organize fun sailing tours that include hotel accommodation and other arrangements. The sailing school at Trogir Sailing offers sailing courses that include basic sailing, advanced sailing, navigation and racing courses conducted by an experienced sailing teacher.

  • Space Fun

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    At Space Fun in Trogir, Croatia, the fun never ends in our adventure park, as visitors of all ages rush between the many exciting watersports and outdoor activities just waiting to take you on an adventure of a lifetime. Parasailing at our adventure park will take your breath away as you fly without wings high above the tranquil sea and take in the spectacular beauty below you. Wakeboarding and water skiing will have you skimming across the waters at speed, and rides of quad bikes along mountain trails and bush land is a fun and exciting activity for the whole family. A day spent at Space Fun is ideal for team building activities as colleagues compete against each other on challenging obstacle courses.

  • Hotel Brown Beach House

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    Hotel Brown Beach House in Trogir, Croatia, is a delightful, pet-friendly boutique hotel that offers comfortable stays in suites and guest rooms with air conditioning, television, private bathroom, mini bar, safe and many other convenient amenities. Set in a beautiful walled garden, our boutique hotel has an onsite restaurant that serves delicious Mediterranean cuisine, a bar, a pool and sundeck that looks out over the sea, banqueting halls, a full equipped spa, a lounge and many more facilities. Hotel Brown Beach House has a well-stocked library, a billiards table, games, and guests are welcome to make use of the hotel's bicycles to explore the beautiful countryside.

  • Adriatic4you

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    With Adriatic4you in Trogir, Croatia, you will experience a unique and memorable vacation with any of their exciting day tours, adventure tours, walking tours as well as boating and sailing expeditions. Visitors to our beautiful country who want to spend a relaxing time on the Adriatic Sea, surrounded by crystal clear waters and an opportunity to enjoy snorkeling and swimming, will enjoy any one of our boating or sailing tours on our private boat accompanied by an experienced skipper. The professional tour guides at Adriatic4you are committed to ensuring that all day tours are well organized and that visitors can look forward to exciting and unforgettable experiences.

  • Trogir

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    Trogir has a fascinating 2300 years of continuous urban tradition. Its rich culture was created under the influence of old Greeks, Romans, and Venetians. Trogir has a high concentration of palaces, churches, and towers, as well as a fortress on a small island, and in 1997 was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Trogir is the best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic complex not only in the Adriatic, but in all of Central Europe. One of the best stops on the Dalmatian coast.Trogir is not as well known as Dubrovnik or Split but rivals these cities in beauty.

  • Ambis Charter

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    Ambis Charter in Trogir, Croatia, is a reputable boat charter company that organizes exciting boat charters, trips, speed boat transfers, skipper training, dry docking for boats and convenient boat maintenance. With the expertise and professional service of boat charters, you can look forward to an enjoyable vacation of days filled with swimming, snorkeling, sailing and perhaps even a spot of diving. The friendly and dedicated staff at Ambis Charter are experienced in tourism, and are committed to ensuring that your boat charter experience is well organized, and an amazing experience that will not soon be forgotten.