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  • Rust

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    Rust is a city in Burgenland, Austria located at the shore of the Neusiedler See. Although it has only about 1,700 inhabitants, it is a Statutarstadt, as it was endowed with the rights of a free city by the Hungarian crown in 1681. As a Statutarstadt, it also forms its own administrative district. The city is famous because of its wines, especially for Beerenauslese, Eiswein and - last but not least - Ruster Ausbruch.

  • Seehotel Rust

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    Visit Seehotel Rust in Rust

  • Weingut Gabriel

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    Weingut Gabriel is a delightful winery in the historic old town of Rust, Austria and for generations wine has been produced in the house and basement, they currently cultivate around 12.5 hectares of vineyards, half white and half red and every year, no vintage is like the other. The special microclimate of the territory allows for the harvest of fruity, dry white wines, strong red wines and sweet wines of the highest quality. Connected to tradition, their vineyards are located in the best locations in Rust, with sandy clay soils and ideal conditions for their white wine varieties, the red wine varities on the soil bring particularly good wines, and this is what makes them so distinctive and special. Weingut Gabriel also have apartments available for rent in a quiet garden location with views of Rust, there is parking and a children's playground, and the seaside resort is just a kilometre away, as are restaurants, wine taverns and tennis courts.

  • Weingut Feiler-Artinger

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    Weingut Feiler-Artinger in Rust, Austria welcomes you to their virtual winery where all the wines they produce are world class in every category, and of the highest quality. They specialise in Austrian white wines, red wines, noble sweet wines and Ruster outbreak all of which you can order directly in the webshop and enjoy even more drinking pleasure at home in hardly any time. Weingut Feiler-Artinger have screw cap and cork varieties, different bottle sizes, vintage wines and specialties, order today from the winegrower kings, they're looking forward.

  • Weingut Gunter and Regina Triebaumer

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    Weingut Gunter and Regina Triebaumer in Rust, Austria is a family rooted in the earth and the use sustainable practices to grow their vines, never apply synthetic fertilizers or use herbicides, and use only stainless steel wires that don't rust, they also plant rows of greenery year round to avoide erosion. Wines are produced throughout vinification without the use of animal products and are therefore classified as vegan wines, plus they use only uniform, elegant normal size bottles. Weingut Gunter and Regina Triebaumer is a winery of distinction producing white and rose wines, red wines classic and red wines matured in barrique barrels as well as noble sweet wines, they also host periodical not to be missed events at the vineyard.

  • The Paddelzentrum Rust

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    The Paddelzentrum Rust is open every day for stand up paddleboarding rentals, courses, tours, sales and advice as well as sunset and full moon tours on Lake Neusiedl, sea kayak courses and guided canoe tours. Join them every Saturday for a sea kayak trial paddling course and mini tour, you get to learn the basics about the boat, paddle and accessories, and they do SUP courses, SUP yoga and SUP workouts too. The Paddelzentrum Rust hires out high quality boats and paddle equipment and after intensive safety instruction you can head out on a self guided paddling tour, their paddle shop sells suitable brands for your expedition, equipment they have been using for years themselves, let the adventures begin.

  • Conrad Weingut

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    Conrad Weingut in the heart of Rust, Austria is located in one of the most photographed houses in the area, the Auge Gottes, do stop by for a taste of their delicious local wines. There is a coffee shop at the house where you can enjoy their specialty homemade pastries, good coffee and their wines for tasting or by the glass. Conrad Weingut have been producing their own certified organic wines for many years and the assortment includes white wines, red wines and sweet wines, their vineyards grow a wonderful variety and provide the grapes for their amazing wines, come visit and taste for yourself.

  • Weingut Elfenhof

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    Weingut Elfenhof on Lake Neusiedl in Rust, Austria is a family owned winery and has since 1642 been producing countless fine wines of distinction in an independent and self confident tradition. These competent, skilled craftsmen with a sixth sense for the extraordinary, as they say, know just when to harvest and bottle, and their passion shines through in their work and their product. Weingut Elfenhof produce white and red wines, roses, sparkling wines, brandies, liqueurs and even grape juice, and they can be ordered online, there are great gift boxes too. The winery and wine shop is open for tastings, celebrations and events, so come toast a glass with them in rustic, cozy and beautiful surrounds.

  • Schifffahrt Schreiner

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    Schifffahrt Schreiner in Rust, Austria offers wonderful cruises on Lake Neusiedler aboard their fleet, both of their ships are masterpieces of shipbuilding with high load bearing capacity and stability and low draft. They offer various cruises and tours with much to see and combined with other activities for a unique excursion, they even have a barbecue party cruise where you drop achor and enjoy a wonderful grill meal freshly prepared. Schifffahrt Schreiner ships offers leisurely afternoon trips with coffee and cake, as well as Lake festival rides, and you can charter the ships for special occasions and celebrations, join them for the cruise of a lifetime.

  • The Storchenhof vineyards

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    The Storchenhof vineyards extend throughout the Rust area, and by quality oriented cut, autumn and spring greening, grape thinning and intensive leaf work, ensure quality limitation for the optimal degree of ripeness to produce their wines. Visit them by appointment for a wine tasting in their specially created tasting room, they believe in Winzersekt before white, rose before red and acidic before dry, half dry before sweet, and less content before top wine, come for the highest professional expertise and taste the difference. Storchenhof also offer wine cellar tours and produce white, red and specialty wines, they have and incredible product range and will deliver to all federal states, visit today.