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  • L'huitriere a Cancale

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    L'huitriere a Cancale offers the sale of the freshest, high quality and delicious, live Cancale oysters which are produced in the bay of Mont Saint Michel in Brittany. L'huitriere a Cancale is also home to Restaurant a Cancale which is open in the summer for lunch and dinner with a delightful menu. L'huitriere a Cancale oysters are the perfect meal for your private events, so purchase them for Christmas and New Year, weddings and communion and special occasions, they are a delight of pure sea and iodine taste, and a pleasure to eat, order them today, or come have a bowl.

  • Cancale Gourmand

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    Cancale Gourmand in Cancale, France offers two stunning dining establishments on the Port de la Houle, both facing the sea. La Maison Blanche is refurbished and open all year, perfect for private events, parties, business breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and serves exquisite seafood, fish and meat with desserts to finish. The Villa Restaurant offers mouthwatering shellfish, has a heated terrace, and is open all year round, and regularly hosts art exhibitions of works by local artists. Whichever restaurant you choose, Cancale Gourmand promises an exceptional and unforgettable dining experience or event.

  • Cancale

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    Cancale is a commune in the Ille-et-Vilaine department in Bretagne in northwestern France.

  • Le Querrien Hotel Restaurant

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    Le Querrien Hotel Restaurant is ideally located in the port of Cancale, France and with 15 rooms available, 9 of them sea facing, and with modern features and amenities, this is a wonderful place to stay, The sea view restaurant with terrace, offers seafood delights with your choice of live lobster, oysters and crabs, and the seafood platters are heaven on a plate. Le Querrien Hotel Restaurant offers elegance and a marine atmosphere and is ideal for groups with semi private rooms available for seminars, business breakfasts and more. The season offers many wonderful activities in Cancale and there's a sailing school too.

  • Hotel Le Grand Large

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    Hotel Le Grand Large in Cancale, France has delightful sea view rooms with bathroom, TV and private car park. The seafood restaurant here with terrace and views serves oysters from Cancale, Breton lobster, sea couscous and sauerkraut, and many other great menu items, come dine with panoramic views, it doesn't get any better. Hotel Le Grand Large offers wonderful packages, and a stay in a privileged environment near nautical leisure, yachting, horse riding, tennis, golf and karting, come enjoy.

  • Hotel Le Continental

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    Hotel Le Continental offers breathtaking views overlooking the bay of Mont Saint Malo in Cancale, France, and rooms are sea facing with the smells and sights of the glorious ocean. The restaurant at Hotel Le Continental serves seasonal delights from land and sea with beautiful views. The hotel is located in the port of Houle in Cancale, offers a picturesque and tranquil stay in delightful surrounds, this is oyster country and the fishing port and marina is lined with old houses, and there are many activities and water sports nearby.

  • Latitude Breizh Cafe

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    Latitude Breizh Cafe in Cancale offers exceptional dining and accommodation options where they wine, dine and rest you. The La Table Breizh Cafe offers elegant, clean spaces with port views of Cancale, and the executive chef presents fine Japanese cuisine with a bounty of local Breton foods paired with extensive wines and champagnes and many different types of sake, it's a unique dining experience. The Breizh Cafe Apartment offers a wonderful stay in the style of Japanese Ryokan Inns where you can savour seafood, enjoy the views and relax. Latitude Breizh Cafe also offer five comfortable guest houses with views, it's all here.

  • A Contre Courant

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    A Contre Courant in Cancale, France, offers a wonderful dining experience of the freshest. high quality seafood, fruits of the sea as they call it, and French cuisine presented will delight. Enjoy the works of exhibits by local artists while you dine in this trendy bistro style restaurant located in the heart of the port of Cancale. There's grilled meat and fish, vegetarian dishes and lobster, and a choice of menus and specialties that will absolutely delight in a cozy atmosphere, where a warm welcome and dynamic team ensure an exceptional experience, this is A Contre Courant.

  • Le Village Cancalais

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    Le Village Cancalais in Cancale, France offers 52 stunning vacation rental homes near the port and glorious beaches, and they are fully equipped come with separate bedrooms and can accommodate two to twelve guests. There's a fitness centre and wellness facilities including two swimming pools, a hammam, sauna and gym. Le Village Cancalais cottages also have private entrances and a terrace and there's a laundromat available, it's the ideal base for walks, beautiful scenery and panoramic viewpoints, come enjoy a fantastic self catering stay here.

  • Hotel Restaurant de la Plage

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    The Hotel Restaurant de la Plage in Cancale, France offers a stunning stay on the bay of Port-Mer, and this sea facing beauty offers calmness and tranquillity and breathtaking views. Comfortable rooms accommodate two to five guests and the restaurant here offers traditional cuisine and exquisite seafood delights. The Hotel Restaurant de la Plage is your ideal base for watersports and activities nearby, and guests will enjoy all yachting, horse riding, tennis, golf, karting and more, there are also wonderful hiking paths, come for a beautiful coastal stay right on the beach.