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  • Amour Affairs

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    Amour Affairs in Nassau, Bahamas, is an event planning company that will bring to life your events and celebrations in a magical way. We have many years of experience in event planning, and work closely with a team of professionals who will create a wedding or special event that will far exceed your expectations. And on the day of your function, we will be there with you to ensure your dream wedding or special event becomes an enjoyable and stressfree reality. At Amour Affairs we will take care of all the details with utmost care and precision, leaving you free to enjoy the occasion in the company of family and friends. Our beautiful island, surrounded by crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and lush tropical greenery makes our job of event planning an absolute pleasure and provides a perfect platform for any occasion.

  • The Poop Deck

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    The Poop Deck in Nassau, Bahamas, has the perfect beachfront location with amazing views of the ocean, and here you can experience special occasions enhanced by casual, fine dining in an environment that is friendly and relaxing. A popular local and tourist attraction, The Poop Deck is a seafood restaurant that offers casual waterfront dining for all special occasions, and we have built a stellar reputation for serving only the freshest seafoods, cooked to perfection. Our beachfront location is perfect for beach weddings with sandy white beaches and crystal clear waters gently lapping at your feet as you take your vows with the dazzling rays of the sun illuminating your happiness. And after your idealic beach wedding, celebrate with family and friends on a sumptuous feast on the beach or in our specially decorated seafood restaurant

  • Bahama Divers

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    Bahama Divers in Nassau, Bahamas, was established in 1965 and over the many years as a successful diving centre, has continually exceeded the expectations of like-minded guests who share our passion for the amazing underworld. At our diving centre you are assured of top quality service, and whether you are a first time diver taking the plunge or an experienced diver, you are assured of safe and exceptional dives. Explore the exciting and silent underwater world and discover the natural wonders and incredible marine life at specially selected dive sites. Bahama Divers also offer fun and relaxing snorkeling trips at sites that are shallow and where you will be protected from the elements. Discover intriguing wrecks decorated with colorful marine life with one of our experienced diver operators at Bahama Divers.

  • Luciano's of Chicago Ristorante

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    Luciano's of Chicago Ristorante in Nassau, Bahamas, has a beautiful waterside location and is housed in a romantic Tuscan-styled mansion where guests can enjoy a pleasurable dining experience of authentic Italian cuisine. Our dedicated chefs use only the freshest of ingredients in their exciting and meticulously prepared dishes that bring forth bursts of flavors, scents and aromas for a satisfying dining experience. Luciano's of Chicago Ristorante is not only the ideal venue for generous servings of traditional Italian cuisine, our spectacular waterfront setting is perfect for wedding celebrations and other events for up to 400 guests, and there is an outside area overlooking the harbor for up to 250 guests. Our customized menu of Italian cuisine is further enhanced by wines from our fully stocked wine cellar.

  • JR Action Water Sports

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    JR Action Water Sports in Nassau, Bahamas, is a family business that was established in 1990, and our aim is to provide enthusiasts of water sports and jet skiing with safe, professional and exciting fun in the sun and water. Our modern jet skis are stable, and when renting, thorough instructions and advice will be given by our dedicated staff. Jet skiing gives one such a sense of freedom, and allows you to ski across the turquiouse waters, making waves on your fast and fun jet ski. JR Action Water Sports provides the largest riding area for jet skiing and we also have an exciting range of other activities to suit all ages such as water skiing, banana boat rides, parasailing, snorkelling and lots of towable fun tubes. Jet skiing with JR Action Water Sports is all about safety and fun for teenagers, adults and seniors and of course terrific rides.

  • The National Art Gallery

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    The National Art Gallery in Nassau, Bahamas, is an art museum housed in a historic building originally built in 1860, and lovingly restored in 1990, and is now home to many permanent displays of Bahamiam art as well as temporary exhibitions of contemporary art. The National Art Gallery is not just a popular art museum, this historic mansion, located on a ridge overlooking the beautiful harbor, is a sought after venue for intimate weddings, private dinners, musical concerts and celebrations. There are a variety of events, workshops, films and lectures available at The National Art Gallery for people who have an interest in and a passion for art and culture, and events include artist talks, film screenings, workshops and demonstrations, concerts, poetry readings to name just a few.

  • Azure Spa

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    Azure Spa in Nassau, Bahamas is a holistic day spa that provides pampering treatments aimed at physical and emotional restoration of body, mind and soul. Our aim at Azure Spa is to ensure that our pampering day spa treatments will leave you feeling vibrantly healthy and revitalized. Facial treatments at our day spa are specifically created to suit various skin types, and are aimed at reducing fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness through strengthening and restoring the skin's elasticity. Aromatherapy is a customized massage that uses natural and essential oils and herbs to relieve stress and aching muscles as body, mind and soul is brought into balance. Reflexology, a Chinese based treatment, eliminates knots and releases stress and tension, and this is a popular treatment at Azure Spa.

  • Bahamas Food Adventures

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    Bahamas Food Adventures in Nassau, Bahamas, invites you to join them for fully hands on cooking classes that are fun and informative. Cooking classes are held at a beautiful beach side location for a maximum of 6 people who will each have their own personal cooking station and they will learn about cooking customs and age old superstitions of Bahamia. Experienced Bahamian chefs and instructors will conduct cooking classes, and participants will create 3 dishes and be given home recipe cards in the hope that when you use the recipe, you will think back to cooking on the white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters as you fondly recall a memorable vacation. A culinary tour with Bahamas Food Adventures will take you to the best eating places, fun things to do in Nassau, and not forgetting the fun cooking classes.

  • Bahamas Helicopters

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    Bahamas Helicopters in Nassau, gives guests a whole new and delightful insight into the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas, the white sandy beaches, the modern resorts and the spectacular, natural beauty of the land that can only be seen with a helicopter tour. Within minutes our experienced pilots at Bahamas Helicopters will have you soaring as you gaze down upon the beauty below, the comings and goings of luxury liners, you might even see dolphins frolicking in the waves around Blue Lagoon Island. For photographic enthusiasts, aerial photography opportunities presented by helicopter tours are unequalled and memorable. A helicopter tour with Bahamas Helicopters is a perfect and unusual gift that will give the recipient a unique, exciting and memorable experience.