Rostock Guided tours

Guided tours in Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

  • Rostock-Guide

    Rostock-Guide in Rostock, Germany, is a reputable tour operator company that specializes in excellent, interesting and informative guided tours to spectacular destinations that will take your breath away. Our guided tours are presented by professional and friendly tour guides who will keep you entertained with their wealth of knowledge about the areas visited. We also offer interesting guided walking tours that last approximately 90 minutes, and includes excellent sightseeing of historic buildings and many other significant places. Visitors from cruise ships on short stays, are welcome to join group tours or private options offered by Rostock-Guide, to make your short visit to our historic town a memorable one.

  • Friends of Dave Tours

    Friends of Dave Tours in Rostock, Germany, is a fun, friendly and professional tour operator company offering amazing, informative and enjoyable tours that will keep visitors happily entertained and amused. And at the end of any of the tours offered by our tour operator company, you will have learnt interesting facts about the many heritage sites and cities you've visited, and along the way you will have opportunities of eating the tastiest of meals. All tours from Friends of Dave Tours are well organized, and no detail is left unattended to ensure our guests experience memorable, enjoyable and relaxing tours on board our luxury coach.

  • Rostock Zoo

    Rostock Zoo in Rostock, Germany, has been a home and safe haven for thousands of animals since the zoo was established in 1899, and today our furry residents include 380 different species from around the world. Set in a park-like landscape, our zoo features many ornate sculptures and statues that you will see as you enjoy leisurely walks through our gardens filled with many treasured trees. A large outdoor enclosure is home for lions, snow leopards and jaguars and the large open spaces ensure comfortable movement for these big cats. Rostock Zoo offers fun, informative and interesting guided tours conducted by knowledgeable tour guides who will regale you with fascinating animal stories as well as a day in life at the zoo.

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