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Sailing is a wonderful pastime. Using sails to harness the wind, sailing boats can be used for short excursions, or round the world races.

Sailing boats come in all sizes, from catamarans and dinghies to multimillion dollar yachts. There are a great many ways in which you can enjoy sailing.

Sailing can be learnt at many boat and yacht clubs, sailing schools, and even youth and scouting groups.

Sailing is a popular sport, and there are many boat and yacht races, and regattas, which draw sportspeople and spectators interested in sailing.

Sailing is often offered as an excursion at waterfront resorts. There can be few more luxurious outings than being taken sailing.



Sailing in Weyregg am Attersee, Upper Austria, Austria

  • Segelschule Steinwand

    Segelschule Steinwand in Weyregg Am Attersee offers training to small but individual groups on Lake Attersee, the largest lake in Austria. Segelschule Steinwand offers a basic sailing certificate course for learning the basic skills of sailing, and a sail certificate course that will deepen the knowledge of sailing and the sailing physics! Segelschule Steinwand also offers boat hire for sunset sailing or a whole or half days sailing.

  • Segelschule Steinwand Boat Hire

    Segelschule Steinwand Boat Hire in Weyregg Am Attersee offers boat rentals for half and full day excursions on Lake Attersee. Alternatively come after work and enjoy a sunset sail with the evening thermals and weekly rentals are also available! Boats on offer are a beautiful and quick Platu 25, a keel boat regatta of the Magic brand, a beautiful Mahogany yacht (built in 1963 ) of the class BB11 and a dinghy class Aquila.

  • Segelschule Steinwand Sailing Courses

    Segelschule Steinwand Sailing Courses in Weyregg Am Attersee offers a basic sailing certificate course for beginners to learn the basic skills of sailing and a sail -certificate course for deepening the knowledge of sailing and sailing physics! Weekend courses available by appointment include and Spi Course, learn to work Spinnakers like a pro, and children's courses where they learn to play Opti sailing and Sailing Coaching for lessons on how to operate your new boat.

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