Meersburg Diving

Diving in Meersburg, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

  • Tauchschule Meersburg

    Tauchschule Meersburg offers daily guided dives with with qualified instructors in Lake Constance for any level of proficiency. Professional training is available for Beginner and advanced up to Instructor levels and instruction is offered in small groups or individually. The dive shop has diving equipment available and good and cheap scuba gear, new and used and professional staff offer excellent advice on your exact needs. Tauchschule Meersburg offers top international training in PADI, CMAS, Barracuda and SSI.

  • Tauchschule Meersburg Diving School

    The Tauchschule Meersburg Diving School offers a team of top-trained instructors that will teach you the entire range of diving course available from beginner to sport, leisure and recreational diving. In addition to modern classrooms, the Tauchschule Meersburg Diving School also have their own private swimming pools. Here there are no exams, you learn and practice until it you get it right. After successful completion of your internationally recognized course, you receive a diving certification of one of the world's leading Diving organizations - CMAS, barracuda, SSI, PADI, CMAS.

  • Tauchschule Meersburg Shop

    The Tauchschule Meersburg Shop offers guests top quality new and used equipment at reasonable prices, and you can sample and test the diving equipment in their own pool in Meersburg. Receive the best advice at the shop, and there is also a workshop where they carry out small repairs and maintenance even in the short term. The shop stocks a range of fins, masks, snorkels, tanks, accessories, aqua lungs, regulators, dive suits and a whole lot more.

  • Tauchschule Meersburg Dive Club

    When joining with the newly opened Tauchschule Meersburg Dive Club, divers are offered a range of services at very reasonable prices. Come enjoy free participation in the dives of the diving school and a free bottle fill of your own bottle, also independent of dives with the Tauchschule Meersburg Dive Club. Club members get a discount on rental fees, a discount on specialty courses and special diving equipment prices, so join today.

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