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Wine is an alcoholic drink made from fermented grapes of different varieties through the addition of yeast. Wine making has a long history, dating back as far as 6000 BC. Wines are now made throughout the world, with many ‘new world' wines gaining renown along with French wines.

Wines can vary in price and quality enormously, from a basic table wine, to vintage wines and collectors wines.

Wine is a wonderful drink, accompaniment to many foods, and in moderation it may be good for your health. Wine drinking, especially red wine, has been linked to decreasing cardiovascular disease, as well as health benefits. There are many positive aspects to drinking wine.



Wine in Kempten, Bavaria, Germany

  • M and M Restaurant

    M and M Restaurant in Kempten, Bavaria is a cafe, delicatessen and wine bar serving fine brews of fragrant coffee, the finest chocolates and heady wines, and they have the most exquisite gifts for lovers, it's all here and more, come see for yourself. M&M Restaurant welcomes you to come spoil yourself, here they will serve you addictive food, in a great atmosphere with selected chocolates for a really unique and divine experience. The M&M Restaurant is about attention to detail, about raising the bar and always offers friendly and excellent service, this is no ordinary restaurant, this is best described as a wine bar with treats, come enjoy the indulgent pleasure, it's all here.

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