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Restaurant in Forio, Campania, Italy

  • Al Vecchio Capannaccio

    Al Vecchio Capannaccio in Forio on the island of Ischia, Italy offers a tasty traditional cuisine prepared daily with seasonal products, and different cuts of meat selected with care, are skillfully cooked over the embers. Desserts are freshly baked and the perfect end to a wonderful lunch or dinner, and the menu features a sumptuous cutting board of starters with meats and cheeses combined with vegetables, there are pastas with classic rabbit sauces, pizza rolls stuffed with parmigiana and other ingredients, Italian style fries, gnocchi and more, and the aroma of grilled meats fills the warm, welcoming environment. Al Vecchio Capannaccio pizzas are legendary and innovative, the meats cooked at just the right temperature by a specialist served with porcini mushrooms and potato chips, and the rabbit is perfectly cooked to a traditional recipe, a must visit for a sublime dining experience.

  • Ristorante Saturnino

    Ristorante Saturnino in Forio on the island of Ischia, Italy is an ancient restaurant with a long and interesting history going back, and the comfortable environment with bright veranda overlooking the bay is located on the stairs that descend to the port of Forio. With a cuisine inspired by the dishes of seafaring memory, diners here enjoy traditional and historical meals revisited in a modern way with a respect for the seasons and enjoyed with superb local and international wines of over 220 to choose from. Ristorante Saturnino is a must visit for gourmets and tourists who not only want an enriching palate experience, but also the spoiling of the mind, the chef does not disappoint with dishes beautifully presented and lovingly created, come be amazed.

  • La Capanna

    La Capanna in Forio on the island of Ischia, Italy is a restaurant, bar and pizzeria in an enchanting setting surrounded by greenery just 20 metres from the ocean and beach. Here they offer delicious dishes typical of Ischia along with refreshing drinks, their real Neapolitan pizzas are made in a wood-fired oven and come highly recommended. La Capanna serves abundant meals with great portions at excellent prices and in the evening is transformed into a magical place with wonderful atmosphere provided by flaming torches, candles and soft music from where you can admire the night sea illuminated by the lighthouse, a must visit.

  • Ristorante Montecorvo

    The Ristorante Montecorvo in Forio on the island of Ischia, Italy is welcoming and surrounded by beautiful countryside with a charming and tastefuly decorated dining featuring a carved in fireplace and gorgeous handcrafted pieces. Enjoy an exquisite menu of special dishes including their famous rabbit in the style of Ischia perfectly cooked in a wooden oven, thier bucatini with rabbit sauce, their linguine, delicious paccheri, mussels, provola and much more. The Ristorante Montecorvo also offers mouthwatering home made cakes and sorbets for the perfect ending to a wonderful meal, and the giardino terrace among exotic plants is the ideal place to dine in summer.

  • Ristorante Da Giovanni

    Ristorante Da Giovanni in Forio on the island of Ischia, Italy is a unique place for wonderful evenings of typical Ischian cuisine, as the chef says, they are looking for lost flavours and traditions to bring back to customers intact. The menu is a serious and meticulous choice of raw materials and aromas from the seafood and fish to the meat dishes and vegetables enjoyed with excellent wines and ending perfectly with mouthwatering desserts. Ristorante Da Giovanni welcomes you with warm hospitality to a place where excellent quality makes them great, come visit to fully appreciate what they have to offer.

  • Zi Carmela

    Zi Carmela in Forio on the island of Ischia, Italy brings you the freshest seafood and fish dishes with products arriving from the boats daily, beautifully prepared and presented to your table, come for the taste of the sea. Come also for the taste of tradition, they also serve mouthwatering rabbit, a typical dish of local cuisine, and their pizzas are legendary. Plus every day there is some new and exciting culinary event to enjoy, let the Elia brothers treat you to unforgettable delights. The Zi Carmela chef brings you products tied to the territory, and a refined cuisine, his pursuit of perfection can be tasted in every wonderful mouthful. The menu is mainly fish from the delicate appetizers to the exquisite first and second dishes, and leave room for the superb desserts.

  • La Citarea

    La Citarea in Forio, on the island of Ischia, Italy dates back to 1953 and over the years has distinguished itself for its hospitality, wonderful meals and beautiful setting on the bay of Citara just a few metres from the Poseidon Thermal gardens. Enjoy tasty genuine cuisine rich in ancient flavours and aromas, there's a large terrace with beautiful views over the bay and a comfortable internal room, they are open for lunch and dinner with breathtaking sunsets. La Citarea also has rooms with private bathrooms, satellite TV, WiFi and sea views, there is a snack bar and tobacconist, a large solarium and private descent to the beach, and it's an enchanting place for your event or celebration, a must visit.

  • La Grotta Da Fiore

    La Grotta Da Fiore in Forio, on the island of Ischia, Italy was excavated by hand from stone and opened in 1965, this small refreshment point at the top of Mount Epomeo offers typical local specialties in a location of unparalleled natural beauty. Enjoy a mouthwatering menu of bruschetta, ham, goat cheese, bacon, homemade chips, burrow raised rabbit, mixed salads and home grown products accompanied by excellent wines, it is an inviting destination to visit. La Grotta Da Fiore offers breathtaking views from the top of Mount Epomeo and can be reached on foot or closer by car, well worth the walk, and the pure air and wonderful silence make for an exceptional and unforgettable visit, in July and August the restaurant is open in the evenings by reservation as well.

  • Bellavista Ristorante Artistico

    Bellavista Ristorante Artistico is located in the hamlet of Panza in the hills of Montecorvo in Forio, on the island of Ischia, Italy and they offer you dining pleasure with stunning views from the panoramic terrace. There are also comfortable and modern apartments surrounded by greenery with terraces, sea views and excellent amenities that can accommodate two to four people. Bellavista Ristorante Artistico is a farmhouse and restaurant serving traditional cuisine of ancient flavours using organic and local products that enrich the dishes. The delectable wines that accompany meals are produced by them and come from their cellar plus there are excellent regional and national wines too. Join them for lunch or dinner and if you do not have transport they provide a free shuttle.

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