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Beer in Munich, Bavaria, Germany

  • Koeniglicher Hirschgarten

    The Koeniglicher Hirschgarten in Munich offers a stunning restaurant in a beautiful setting and is home to one of the largest beer gardens in Munich and all of Bavaria. The beer garden can seat 8000 guests and 1200 at any given time in the self service area for food which consists of delicious roast pork offerings, spareribs, grilled chicken, salads, pretzels and more. The Koeniglicher Hirschgarten Restaurant offers six magnificent dining rooms and can accommodate approximately 500 persons serving traditional Bavarian cuisine and dishes from around the world. The Koeniglicher Hirschgarten is the perfect venue for events, conferences and seminars and they also screen live football matches on big screens.

  • Augustiner-Keller

    The Augustiner-Keller in Munich welcomes you to genuine Bavarian delicacies, Augustiner Edelstoff beer from wooden barrels, and one of Munich's great beer gardens. Come and enjoy a great pub culture, and exceptional meals of traditional Bavarian cuisine, international specialties, light snacks and vegetarian dishes. The restaurant at the Augustiner-Keller offers various spaces and rooms for dining in including the Lagerkeller with it's unique vaults and underground location. This venue is perfect for your special occasion, with a traditional Bavarian atmosphere, wonderful staff and first rate food and drink.

  • Augustiner-Keller Beer Garden

    The Augustiner-Keller Beer Garden invites you to come relax under the chestnut trees in one of the oldest and beautiful beer gardens in Munich. This extensive beer garden can seat up to 5000 patrons, serves excellent Augustiner Edelstoff beer straight from the barrel and great meals and delicacies from the kitchen and tasting stalls. Come and revel in the fantastic beer garden culture at the Augustiner-Keller Beer Garden, you won't want to leave as the Bavarian sunshine lulls you.

  • Zum Aumeister

    Zum Aumeister in the English Garden offers an excellent restaurant serving delightful Bavarian and Mediterranean cuisine and offers one of Munich's most stunning beer gardens. The many rooms and spaces in the restaurant makes it the perfect venue for parties, conferences and lectures of all kinds. Come and enjoy seasonal specialties, great beer and the wonderful ambiance of dining on the northern edge of the English Garden, where the location in the countryside ensures a relaxing and peaceful meal.

  • Zum Aumeister Beer Garden

    The Zum Aumeister Beer Garden welcomes you to this fabulous location in Munich nestled on the northern edge of the English Garden, offering idyllic and peaceful surrounds in unspoilt nature. Explore one of Munich's fabulous beer gardens with a bike ride through the English Gardens or a long walk, and then nestle under the chestnut trees for an ice cold beer and Bavarian and Mediterranean specialty meal. Sections of the beer garden can be reserved for special events and groups for a wonderful and enjoyable occasion.

  • Hofbrauhaus Muenchen

    The Hofbrauhaus Muenchen welcomes with open arms to one of Munich's oldest breweries and beer gardens. Offering a fabulous beer hall serving home-brewed beer from the Hofbrauhaus brewery, hand deliverd by traditionally dressed waiters juggling at least 10 huge beers at a time, and offerings of German delicacies coupled with a Bavarian Oompah band, fun doesn't get any better than this. Hofbrauhaus Muenchen offers Die Schwemme which is the historic beer hall on the first floor, and the Braustueberl Restaurant also on the first floor with bay windows and Bavarian ambiance, the festival hall for celebrations, and the beer garden.

  • Hofbrauhaus Muenchen Beer Garden

    The Hofbrauhaus Muenchen Beer Garden in Munich offers your drinking pleasure in a wonderful setting under the chestnut trees surrounded by the historic walls of the Hofbrauhaus. Come escape to an oasis of calm, content and relaxation as one of Munich's finest beer gardens envelops you in warmth and atmosphere unsurpassed. The Hofbrauhaus Muenchen Beer Garden caters to 400 guests, and is the perfect summer meeting place for a wonderful time out with a cold beer, good friends and traditional German delicacies.

  • Braustueberl Restaurant

    The Braustueberl Restaurant at the Hofbrauhaus Muenchen offers large bay windows overlooking Platzl square and stylish Bavarian ambiance on the first floor. Come and enjoy exceptional Munich hospitality with excellent service and delicious light Bavarian cuisine in delightful surrounds. The culture of the hospitality at Braustueberl Restaurant is to be savoured as is the cuisine, beer and drinks at one of Munich's beer drinking establishments with it's stunning beer hall and beer garden.

  • Hacker-Pschorr Brauhaus Brewery

    The Hacker-Pschorr Brauhaus Brewery in Munich offers freshly brewed beers on-site to be enjoyed in one of Munich's finest chesnut beer gardens that can seat 2000 patrons. You are welcome to watch the production and taste the beers and the brewmaster is always available to impart his knowledge. The Hacker-Pschorr Brauhaus Brewery offers brewery tours and the high tech equipment, and special ingredients ensure quality beer season after season. Come and enjoy the experience of seeing fresh Hacker-Pschorr beers brewed right before your eyes by a master.

  • Hofbraukeller

    The Hofbraukeller invites you to a wonderful dining experience and beer garden festivities in the world famous Munich tradition. This magnificent neo-Renaissance building awaits and offers the perfect premises for events, family celebrations, and large business events. The Hofbraukeller offers savoury cuisine of Bavarian specialties including sensational steaks and many promotions and events run throughout the year. The Munich Summer unfiltered lager brewed according to traditional recipes is best enjoyed out in the beer garden on a fabulous summer's day, the taste is fresh, mildly spicy and sparkling and is an alternative to wheat beer, come try it. They also have an outdoor playground area for children and an indoor play box with game's which can be taken back to the table. Everyone is catered for here, the children's menu dishes can even be coloured in. Come for a wonderful experience all round.

  • The Park Cafe

    The Park Cafe located in the Old Botanical Gardens in Munich offers delicacies from Bavaria and a lovely Bavarian beer garden which is open every sunny day. Occasionally a jazz band entertains outdoors and you are spoilt for choice with a range of beers including a glass of draught Loewenbrau, Becks or Franziskaner beer and a wide range of cocktails are also available in happy hour from 10pm. The Park Cafe brings you up to date on Munich tradition where the beautiful bar awaits, as does football matches a DJ and live replugged music, it's all here.

  • Paulaner Garden

    The Paulaner Garden at Paulaner am Nockherberg invites you to come and enjoy the festivities at one of Munich's most beautiful beer gardens. Enjoy a fine range of food and beverages, welcoming cold beers under the shady chestnuts and superb companionship and joy, it's all offered here at the Paulaner Garden. So well known and liked is the Paulaner Garden it's almost considered a part of Munich's cultural history, and is indeed a cherished institution in the heart of Munich. There's even a generous playground and parking for your bicycle plus numerous festivals all the time.

  • Loewenbraukeller

    Loewenbraukeller in Munich offers the whole package from a restaurant to beer garden to terrace and wonderful innkeepers, they even have their own Loewenbrau Beers. Rooms include a grand banqueting hall, the Brewer's room, the gallery, the garden extension, tower chambers, garden and roof terraces and parlours, so choices are vast. Loewenbraukeller offers typical Bavarian specialties served with Loewnbrau beers, choose to sit in the public bar area or the high quality part, plus cozy side rooms and private rooms are also available. Come to Loewenbraukeller in Munich to find out why quality has different names.

  • Loewenbraukeller Beer Garden

    The Loewenbraukeller Beer Garden invites you to come and enjoy life the Bavarian way under the shady chestnut trees, in one of Munich's traditional beer gardens. Quench your thirst with a freshly tapped cool Loewenbrau beer and other beer garden classics and enjoy exquisite meals from a wide range of specialties on offer, or you are welcome to bring your own food. The Loewenbraukeller Beer Garden can host up to 1000 guests and is a wonderful place to enjoy a cold one with friends in the heart of Munich.

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