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Zoos, or zoological gardens, exist in many forms all over the world. The first zoo showing wild animals from exotic locations to the public was opened in London Zoo, in 1828.

Zoo now often incorporate landscape immersion, where the animals' natural environment is recreated in their enclosures.

Modern zoos range from safari parks, where visitors drive through vast areas, seeing animals in the open range, to petting or childrens' zoos, where children can hold or stroke domestic and farm animals. Zoos also include aquariums, animal sanctuaries, animal theme parks, bird parks and reptile parks, and there are even butterfly zoos.

Zoo visits are fun, entertaining and educational, so wherever you are, visit your local zoo.



Zoo in Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai , Thailand

  • Chiang Mai Zoo and Aquarium

    Chiang Mai Zoo and Aquarium is a stunning living museum of animals showcased in their natural habitat, including the newly opened snow dome for the Panda family. The two storey aquarium invites you to plunge into a fascinating underwater world with the world's longest underwater tunnel, and you can even enjoy snorkeling here. Come and experience stingrays feeding, giant sharks, a coral reef ecosystem, the world of jellyfish and endangered marine fish, it's all here and more and a visit is a must. The zoos stunt animals even entertain with shows and the seals are not to be missed. Enjoy tigers and a bird park too

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