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Attraction in Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany

  • Krongut Bornstedt

    Krongut Bornstedt in Potsdam is an archetypal manor with a stunning, rustic restaurant and brewery and distillery, washhouse and bath house, a manor and other historical buildings. The historic buildings on the farm offer dining rooms, which are available for private and corporate events and can be hired for up to 3,500 people. Krongut Bornstedt hosts monthly markets including a famous Christmas market and attracts up to half a million tourists a year and tours and tastings are a firm favourite. Come and enjoy a festive Sunday Brunch in the Habel wine barn, it's stunning.

  • Potsdamer Tin Figure Museum

    The Potsdamer Tin Figure Museum at the Krongut Bornstedt in Potsdam offers viewers a look into the small world of miniature figures with one of the largest private collections that includes 17,000 characters and more than 150 dioramas. Come and enjoy a lasting impression with dioramas depicting theatre settings, and built landscapes and magnificent small architectures that will leave a lasting impression, it's wonderful for moments of reflection, of remembrance and quiet adventure.

  • Biosphere

    Biosphere in Potsdam offers a great variety of tropical plants and exotic animals just waiting for you to discover them. This amazing attraction welcomes schools and groups, offers a restaurant and catering and wonders of fauna and flora. Experience special exhibitions, a tropical world, a butterfly house and the rainforest ecosystem. Guided tours offer fascinating insights and Biosphere is a wonderful venue for birthday parties - book today, there's so much to see and do and learn. Come and observe 20.000 tropical plants and trees, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds, spiders and insects in their natural habitat.

  • Biosphere Tropical World

    Biosphere Tropical World in Potsdam offers a stunning variety of tropical plants including orchids, epyphites, palm trees and so much more plus trees growing up to 14 metres. Apart from the tropical plants, come discover beautiful free flying birds, terrariums with insects and reptiles, averies and an underwater world in the style of a historical U-boat with colourful tropical fish - it's a feast for the eyes and a true fauna and flora adventure experience.

  • Biosphere Kid's Birthday

    The Biosphere Kid's Birthday in Potsdam offers a day of adventure fun and excitement while learning something valuable about our planet. Enjoy a Jungle Adventure through the tropical rain forest, and be crowned King and Queen of the jungle, and each adventurer receives a certificate of successful completion as well as a souvenir photograph. The treasure hunt is an adventure tour through the tropical nature at the Biosphere Potsdam, where lost treasure must be found and retrieved alongside the tropical plants and animals of the jungle. A hiking tour through the animals and plants with a guide provides fascinating insights and facts about the flora and fauna, come face to face with some animals and then enjoy a meal and cake with your friends at the restaurant - a truly fun day.

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