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Zoobs Woodfired Pizza in Gerringong, Illawarra, Australia | Italian Restaurant | Italian Cuisine

Zoobs Woodfired Pizza in Gerringong, New South Wales South Coast, Australia brings you the authentic and delicious taste of woodfired pizzas, exquisite traditional pastas, risottos and seafood. This Italian Restaurant and pizza place hand roll their bases fresh every day, have delicious pizza breads, a take out menu and children's menu. Zoobs Woodfired Pizza offer gourmet and traditional pizzas with exquisite topping choices, and mains include woodfired gnocchi, pan roasted Barramundi filler, cajun salmon and pork ribs glazed with their spicy barbecue sauce and served with beer battered chips and a Greek salad. Gluten free pizza bases are also available, come for a wonderful dining experience.

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Shop 1, 11 Blackwood Street
New South Wales
4234 0241
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