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Welcome to Zoo Gardens in Gwynedd, Wales, United Kingdom. With its ever expanding collections of both hardy and tropical plants, some of which are rare and endangered, the Zoo Gardens sees itself as a conservation centre for flora as well as fauna. It recognises that the Gardens are part of the zoo's overall educational resource.
Zoo Gardens in Gwynedd, Wales, subscribes to botanical expeditions, enabling us to introduce new and unusual plants to the Gardens. Seed has arrived from Chile, Central and far Eastern Russia and the Himalayas, and has been planted in appropriate sites within the Gardens.
Close co-operation with major botanical institutions ensures the correct identification and labelling of the plants. Small collections of different genera are grown. Hardy geraniums, aquilegia and various forms of Welsh poppy (mecanopsis cambrica) all grow well on this hillside site.
Ferns, bromeliads and a host of other unusual tropical plants can be found in the Reptile and Alligator Houses.

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