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Welcome to YWAM Recife, Recife, Brazil. Training Schools

YWAM Recife,is involved in numerous Schools to train up leaders for the kingdom. The first School is DTS (Discipleship Training School) which is the foundation Schools of YWAM. It's goal is to lay the foundation of what it is to be a disciple of Jesus--the nature and character of God, Hearing His voice, world-evangelism and other great subjects. DTS is the entry-level course for all other YWAM Schools.

The next School is IBC (Introduction to Biblical Counseling). This School is designed to look at relationships from a godly perspective, seeing how God can bring healing and hope into brokenness.

The third School is the Children at Risk. The goal of this course is to see new works developed among the street children by starting new Restoration homes. We at YWAM Recife also desire to help their families in the slums, establishing Community Centers in all the large cities of Brazil, as well as the mega cities of the developing nations, mainly in the 10-40 window.

Each School is 3 months in length followed by a 2-3 month practical outreach.

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