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Sascha Böck and Marcus Praschinger are two Austrians who travelled around the world staying at large, dirty hostels with ridiculous curfews and lack of atmosphere. They decided to create a new approach to hostels,  one that has an emphasis on cleaniness and comfort and their creation became  Wombats City Hostel, with hostels in Vienna, Munich and Berlin.

"It was in December, 1988 when we went to 'Connor's Irish Pub' in Melbourne.   Because we had run out of money we decided to spend most of the night there drinking a few beers, playing pool and waiting for the first bus to Alice Springs.   While having a few drinks and playing pool we met up with John O'Sullivan.

Hey, I'm John 'The Sucker' O'Sullivan, let's have a beer.   We drank a few more beers together and he invited us to say a couple of days at his place.   He was really crazy for wombats and there were 5 or 6 living with him.   One night he told us about his dream of running a hostel.  He had already found a name : Wombats City Hostel.   Two years later we were in Melbourne again and went to visit John and his neighbour told us he had died in an accident six months ago.  A few years later we started to think more about the idea of running a hostel in Vienna and there was no doubt about the name.  Further branches of Wombat City Hostel were opened in Munich and Berlin.

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