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Welcome to The Welsh Mountain Zoo in Gwynedd, Wales, United Kingdom. Set in North Wales, high above Colwyn Bay with panoramic views and breathtaking scenery, The Welsh Mountain Zoo with its beautiful gardens are home to this caring conservation Zoo. Roam the wooded pathways, relax on the grassy slopes and spend a lovely day learning about many rare and endangered species from Britain and around the world including Snow Leopards, Chimpanzees, Red Pandas and Sumatran Tigers.
Enjoy our Penguin Parade, Chimp Encounter, Bear Falls, New Condor Haven and the Children's Farm plus much more. Visit the New 'Sealions Rock' and watch our Californian Sealions being trained. Enjoy the exciting and extensive Jungle Adventureland and Tarzan Trail Adventure Playground. For the more technically inclined, visit the Media Centre at The Welsh Mountain Zoo in Gwynedd, Wales, where you can do a virtual tour of the Zoo and play some great educational games.
Since the early 1970's The Welsh Mountain Zoo, in response to the needs of wildlife conservation, has been reassessing the nature of its animal collection. This has enabled the Zoo to join some of the developing inter-Zoo co-operative breeding programmes that cover a wide range of endangered species.
Many of the programmes are endorsed by the Species Survival Commission of the World Conservation Union.
We have 12 keepers here at The Welsh Mountain Zoo who take good care of all our animals. Their duties involve cleaning out pens and cages, providing fresh bedding and water, preparing food and feeding animals, checking for signs of distress, disease or injury in animals, helping to care for sick animals, ensuring our animals participate in enrichment activities, ensuring their enclosures are safe and adequate for that animal and ensuring animals are in good social and emotional condition.

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