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Welcome to the Hotel Yacht Club and the Wellness Centre situated at the Hotel in Siofok, Hungary. The Wellness Centre has a sauna, whirlpool and massages that are just waiting for the lovers of Wellness and health.
At the Spa in Siofok, there is an inviting turquoise coloured, 25m long swimming pool waiting for all those keen swimmers! A relaxing and a peaceful environment await you at the water-massage beds and neck showers in the pool and the indoor and outdoor whirlpools. There is a childrens pool as well. After swimming you can relax on one of the deckchairs at the pool or in sunny weather, why not sunbathe on the sunbathing terrace.
In the sauna section there is an infra sauna, steam bath and a relaxing room that awaits you. The temperature of the sauna is 90-100°C, recommended time inside is 8-12 minutes. Then you can cool down your body with a cold shower or with a dip in the cold-water tub between two stays in the sauna and keep a 8-10 minute break.
The temperature of the infra sauna is 50-60°C. The infra red rays enter deep into the muscles and thus help detoxify the body. The infra sauna is less cumbersome for the body than the traditional sauna.
In the steam bath the temperature is 43-36°C, but humidity is almost 100%. The steam and the warm air calms our nerves, warms up the circulation and revitalizes the skin.
In the breaks between staying in the sauna or at the end, you may relax and enjoy the peace in the relaxing room in a pleasant temperature.
Try also the standing solarium and have a lovely tanned body the whole year round.
Healthy nourishment plays an important role in the Wellness lifestyle. At the Fit Bar at the Spa, enjoy 100% freshly squeezed fruit juices, biodrinks, mineral and medicinal water, full corn bars and fruits may contribute to creating the harmony of body and soul.

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