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Wassi Art in Ocho Rios, Jamaica brings you stunning hand made pottery and the island's finest handcrafted art including 3D pots and vases, come to where the talented artists capture the island's essence. All items are available on-line so order today, they make delightful collectibles, and are ideal gifts perfect for collectors and art lovers alike. Wassi Art has progressed from a small hobby shop to a flourishing enterprise, and the factory now employs over 30 people, where the love of their craft can be seen in the beautiful items created. Starting with terracotta clay dug by hand from the Blue Mountain ranges, carried on heads and transported by trucks to Wassi Art, from where it is soaked in clay drums, and then poured into plaster vats to remove excess water. Come for a free Wassi Art factory tour to watch the next fascinating process of the clay and how it evolves to a beautiful piece of artwork.

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Great House, Bonham Spring
Ocho Rios Bay
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