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Voilescorse at the port of Porto-Vecchio, Corse-du-Sud, Corsica, France have been offering fabulous Cruises in the Mediterranean sea, the West Indies and Corsica for over 25 years, and they organize sailing courses, nautical events and Cruises between Sardinia and Corsica. Come on board enjoy nautical events on their monohull sailboats and catamarans, come discover the magic of the sea and head out to dream destinations, your qualified crew awaits. Voilescorse welcomes those who have never sailed and those who wish to buy a sailboat and perfect their knowledge, they will familiarize you with all the secrets and need to know about navigation, including anchorage, night navigation, maneuvering in port, sailing according to the weather and more, come share their passion while learning and having fun.

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Port de Plaisance Quai Pascal Paoli,
06 21 84 52 74
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