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In 2002 Michael Macdonald opened the The Vanilla Pod Restaurant, Marlow, United Kingdom.. His vision was to create a Restaurant where his wife and he could build a Restaurant from scratch. They have built the Restaurant to where it is today completely with their own savings and recourses and they are still improving the Restaurant as they go along. They wanted to provide an outstanding standard of food and service, but also to create an atmosphere where guests could relax completely. By having only one sitting at The Vanilla Pod per evening, the guests can more freely choose dining time and have all the time they wish to appreciate the food and each-other’s company and truly unwind from the outside world.

One of Michael's favourite ingredients that Buckinghamshire cannot provide – is vanilla. Over the years Michael has researched and experimented with this wonderful plant and I has discovered that vanilla can be used to incredible effect; not only in sweet dishes but also with meat and fish.

Buckinghamshire is a beautiful county boasting a diverse range of Restaurants to cater for every taste and budget and I feel very lucky and privileged to be a part of it.

The Vanilla Pod,Marlow, United Kingdom, offers vouchers for lunch or evening menus or simply at a set price and before Christmas, the Vanilla Pod Restaurant sell their home cooked Christmas puddings in ceramic bowls wrapped lovingly by Stephanie. Michael offers private cookery lessons in the Restaurant to suit the customer’s requests e.g fish, dessert or cook and prepare to take home for entertaining later in the evening or maybe a present to somebody special. This is completely tailored to the customer and the price is dependent on time involved and ingredients used.

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