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Upper Deck on Masons in Gosford, New South Wales, Australia | Restaurant | Seafood

Upper Deck on Masons in Frederick, East Gosford, New South Wales, Australia offers an exquisite, fresh Seafood experience, so fresh it's brought in daily from the Sydney markets and with picturesque views over Brisbane waters, a relaxed and sublime dining experience awaits. The menu offers a daily specials board and there are gluten and dairy free options available, and exquisite choices of breads, starters of Sydney Rock Oyster, crusted lemon scallops, duck spring rolls, stuffed zucchini flowers and twice cooked pork belly will delight the palate, mains include A grade eye fillet, Seafood choices, chicken breast, grilled barramundi, lobster choices, a top deck Seafood platter, sides and so much more ended with a scrumptious dessert, and there's a kiddies menu. Upper Deck on Masons are fully licensed and cater to functions in this perfect venue with views, and a catering menu to die for, it's the perfect setting for a memorable occasion.

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61 Masons Parade, Point Fredrick,
New South Wales
(02) 4324 6705
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Seafood Choices
Chicken Breast
Grilled Barramundi
Seafood Platter
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