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Unique Treasures Mall in Port Angeles, Clallam County, United States | Antiques

Located downtown Port Angeles USA, Unique Treasures Mall is located across the street from the City center’s beautiful Fountain and Landscape Murals.   Lloyd and Barbara Gregory have brought together an ‘Eclectic Store items chosen for their uniqueness.

From Antiques, collectibles, gift items, restored furniture, and handcrafted new furniture, there is something to catch everyone’s eye at  Unique Treasures Mall.

Barbara has brought together an assortment from small and dainty to the interesting and seldom found. Knickknacks, jewelry, kitchenware, tools, books, bottles, and insulators, these are just a few treasures waiting to be discovered at  Unique Treasures Mall.

Lloyd’s restoration touch with furniture can be found with the craftsmanship and care shown in his work. Made of Pine, Cedar, or Mahogany, his limited production runs offer useful and interesting variations of benches, shelves, quilt racks, corner shelves, baker's racks, and sofa tables. Any one of them would be a welcome addition to your home. 

Old tools, farm tools, unique tools, electronic equipment, and just plain odds and ends, all are there to be found.

Also located within the Mall are other dealers with their stalls. Collectible lighters and pocket knives, Star Wars and Star Trek memorabilia, and even local handmade natural soaps round out their collections.

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105 West First Street
Port Angeles
United States
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