Umberto a Mare

Umberto a Mare in Forio, Naples, Italy | Hotel | Bar and Restaurant | Art Gallery

Umberto a Mare is a Hotel, restaurant, bar and Art Gallery in Forio, on the island of Ischia, Italy with intimate atmosphere and breathtaking views, it stems from the fusion of history, art, taste and hospitality. The restaurant with splendid terrace overlooking the sea brings you an exquisite daily menu based on what the local fishermen have caught, and with fish their main specialty, traditional local dishes delight with more than 500 wine labels from the cellar. The Umberto a Mare Hotel offer 3 star stays on the sea, and the Living Bar with terraces is the perfect place for a delicious breakfast or just to relax with a good wine, and the various exhbitions by internationally renowned artists is a must see, with paintings, photography sculptures and more. This is also the perfect place for successful events and banqueting in a magical and unique location, a must visit from dawn to dusk.

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Via Soccorso, 2,
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Bar and Restaurant
Art Gallery
Stunning Views
Fish Specialties
Traditional Dishes
Wine Cellar
3 Stars
Private Events