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Welcome to Thalassotherapia Opatija, Croatia . Thalassotherapia has developed into an elite medical and scientific institution, a prestigious cardiology centre and a respectable centre for rehabilitation of cardiology, rheumatic and physiatric patients. With its 160 employees, 25 of them doctors of different specialities, equipped with modern diagnostic and therapeutic tools, Thalassotherapia is a hotbed of new professional achievements and an educational base of a Medical Faculty in Rijeka as well as a referential centre of the national Ministry of Health. The famous climate of Opatija has not changed over the past years but the services of Thalassotherapia have been constantly changing in accordance with the latest market trends and requirements. Besides the continuous improvement of its traditional services, Thalassotherapia focuses with equal professional enthusiasm on health and spa tourism. The result is the construction of a top spa wellness centre on 2500 m2 of surface. A big half-Olympic indoor pool with heated sea water, counter-current swimming, air and underwater massage and whirlpools. Finnish and Turkish sauna, Beauty programmes providing a rich variety of contents, aroma therapies, a wide range of contemporary massage treatments. Fitness studio and areas for relaxation, rest and recreation. A splendid palette of Beauty services guarantees inexhaustible combinations necessary for maintaining your physical and mental condition. With its capacities and supreme health, wellness and Beauty services, Thalassotherapia combines the century-long tradition of health tourism with the world’s latest trends and takes a safe step forward towards the new golden era of the tourism in Opatija.

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Marsala Tita 188/1 51410 Opatija, Croatia
Primorje-Gorski kotar
+385 51 202 600
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