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Welcome to the Textile Industry Museum, Tampere, Finland. The rich history of the Finland's textile industry can be experienced at the new Textile Industry Museum, which is located in the old Finlayson factory. For decades, the heart of the Finnish textile industry - Finland's Manchester - was located on the banks of the Tammerkoski rapid.

Visitors can experience the atmosphere of a real factory workshop. It is possible to see the "Cotton gin" batting machine built by James Finlayson and to listen to the rumble of a working linen factory.What kind of machines filled the Plevna weaving hall? What kind of machines were used to seam nylon stockings?

Quilt heaven will open at the Museum. A wide variety of yarns and fabrics is on display for visitors. In the factory, wool, linen and cotton pass through their various phases from fibre to fabric, finally reaching the sample books, which visitors can browse through.

The Textile Industry Museum has been established as the result of cooperation between the Tampere Museums and Werstas. There are 25 machines on display, hundreds of objects and photographs related to the history of the factories, as well as about 3000 items produced by the Tampere textile industry. There will also be an annual special exhibition at the Textile Industry Museum. Museum is jointly operated by the Tampere City Museum and Werstas.

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