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At Stumhofer in Chieming, as a contribution to the quality of life of people in the Chiemgau we understand our craft. We place high value on natural baked goods and pure enjoyment.

With good practices, natural resources from the region and modern environmental standards we set our claim.

The production of valuable food at Stumhofer provides us with joy and satisfaction. Our pastries are made by hand. Neither finished baking mixes or other artificial or chemical additives are processed. Only fresh and high quality raw materials from the Chieming region which include flour and Biomehl Landshuter Meyer from the mill are used. Milk and eggs from farms in the area are from a controlled environment.

The Chieming well water is revitalized and enriched with new energy in a special process.

Thus we offer a warm welcome we in our Cafe Pavilion Stumhofer. Enjoy a quick cup of coffee, a cup of tea with cakes among friends or a hearty strengthening on the road to the highway...

We are pleased that you are our guest. Service and genuine hospitality are our concerns so that we can provide sunny service.

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