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Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru in Arzachena, Sassari, Italy | Hotel

Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru in Arzachena, Sardinia, Italy is a beautiful rural Hotel built in the traditional Gallura farmhouse style with consideration to the surrounding natural environment. Enjoyed the nearby crystal clear waters of the Emerald Coast, the fascinating archaeological sites of Northern Sardinia, nature and pure relaxation, the property extends over 32 hectares for pleasant walks and fresh air. Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru consits of two villas, the carefully restored Lo Stazzo which was built in 1850 and the Il Pagliaio also restored, remodeled and enlarged, there are 10 comfortable suites each with own veranda, and the restaurant serves a mouthwatering selection of delicious specialties of local and national cuisine. There are also three independent houses in the grounds available for rent, something for everyone here.

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